Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stampin Up Celebrated their first 25 years as a company

"It's not how many stamps you well, it's how many friend you make along the way"

Stampin Up has blessed my life
It has given my family more income to pay bills
it has helped me be more creative
I feel happy when I stamp.

What do you like best about Stampin Up?

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I also enjoy the recognition we receive 
for a job well done.

I feel so blessed to have earned so many awards and pins

here is my friend Janet Baker with hers

we had over 5 thousand demonstrators at our Stampin Up convention this year

This was Stampin Up's 25th anniversary
and my 22nd year with the company

each of us who have been with stampin up the longest received jewelry from 
Shelli at convention!

to read more about the fun we had go to

This is Shelli's family

Looking forward to another successful 25 years!

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