Friday, August 9, 2013

Multi layered embossed butterflies by sherrill graff

multi layered embossing 2-001.jpg

Below are more detailed directions
Have fun trying it. I have been teaching this class for 6 years now 
and my customers still love it!

Carolyn asked me to teach this class for her customers in Canada.
Multi-Layered Embossing-001.jpg
Multi-Layered Embossing-002.jpg
Multi-Layered Embossing-003.jpg

if you don't like what it looks like after you press your stamp into it, just heat it again and use a different stamp!

this is really fun
and a great way to use up any embossing powders that may have been mixed together
white specks in your black etc.
the gold strip is sticky strip stuck to the card and then I poured gold embossing power over it. 

this last images shows embossing powder melted over a piece of CD
the CD was old and scratched
and I loved that it was light green. When I pressed the stamp into it, the green showed through.
I wrapped it with wire and wear it on a chain around my neck.
People I meet always ask me about it.
it's even nicer in real life.

Have fun trying this technique.

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