Friday, August 23, 2013

My favorite pintrest pins and our 29th wedding anniversary

My goal is to actually make some of these things, not just look at them

I have made a wreath 
with the help of a good friend of mine Willie
and her glue gun

I have never used my wood grain embossing folder
I plan to use it to create a card like this one!

I love butterfly punches
and this would make a wonderful 
addition to a babies room

I believe this saying with all my heart
and try to do a little service each and every day

today I did the dishes
and let my son take me out to breakfast LOL

I also did laundry
and cleaned the bathroom

I really think that is enough service for one day 

I really want to make these my next project, 
I can't wait to get started!

I am so thankful for my belief in God
His Son Jesus Christ
and their plan of Happiness

I love punch art

I'd like to make some of these
and give them out for Christmas

We do have a tiny tiny butterfly punch
and I'd like to make this out of
old magazine pages

I'd like to sell more stampin up product this year
to help pay off some medical bills

I would also love to make some frames
into chalk boards

have you tried this yet?

Now to get off the internet and go watch a movie with my sweet husband
after all our 29th wedding anniversary is in two days

(((hugs))) sherrill

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